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In this episode we discuss all things World Cup related, including: - Elementary school sports - Bringing a baby to a bar - Hipsters trying to be worldly - Kim Jong Il[1]

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Tim: "It's really loud in here, Tom!"

Tom: "It's the vuvuzelas!"

Tim: "Who are all these people?"

Tom: "They're some South African gentlemen I paid to come in and play the vuvuzelas!"


Tim: "What's the difference between a match and a game? is that the same for all sports?"

Tom: "It's a synonym."

Tim: "Alright, what about a match and a race? Can you say you're going to go watch the horse match?"

Tom: "No, nor can you say you'll watch the basketball race ..."

Tim: "Always gotta bring race into it when it's basketball, eh, Tom?"


Tim: "Dunno why the UK doesn't have a team, it's all separate-"

Tom: "'Cause the UK is England, Wales, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland."

Tim: "I don't understand the political situation [in the UK]. And goddamnit, I know most of our listeners are from there ... but I'm not going to sit down for 5 minutes and read a wikipedia page about it."


Tom: "I come back and there are all these police cars and everything ... they were like, 'Someone found a dead hooker in this apartment'. And I'm like, 'Woah, that's MY apartment!' well not my literal apartment, 'they found her? I hid her so well!'"


Tom: "What would happen if you drank formula, would you become a baby?"

Tim: "Maybe, your head would get huge!"