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This week we welcome comedian, writer, musician and United Kingdom expert Dave Hill to the show. He teaches us about sports, ladies, using The Secret to get what you want, and other things too numerous to get into. He also joins us to solve listener questions in a very special installment of Tim and Tom [...][1]

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Dave Hill joins Tim and Tom for this episode.

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Tim: Dave: "She came over to the window and she was completely naked and I saw her lady parts. I saw her boobs! ... unless it was a flesh-coloured bra with nipples drawn on."


Tim: "I'd go back to 1959 with the Beatles songbooks and give them to the copyright office. I'd just get all the credit and all the royalties."


Dave: "Don't jizz anywhere where someone might not want your jizz."

Tim: "That's how I live my life, that's one of my 5 pillars of truth."