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No blurb.[1]

Quotes Edit

Tim: "I'm really trying to get this right here, I'm furiously turning knobs."

Tom: "Stop turning your knob."


Tim: "Can't remember a single goddamn thing from this week. I started taking a lot of hard drugs, that might have something to do with it."


Tim: "In the future, when this podcast is all that survives of this time-"

Tom: "After the nuclear holocaust."

Tim: "Of course."


Tim: "I wouldnt have rammed a human being with my car, but I have fantasised about that a lot."


Tim: "She held out her hand to shake mine, and she was very attractive."

Tom: "So you kissed her."

Tim: "Right on the mouth."


Tom: "You're a vivacious reader."

Tim: "...'veracious'."


Tim: "It's called 'Sex Mall'. Everyone will wanna go there."

Tom: "Mallex!"

Tim: "What's that mean?"

Tom: "Mall.. and sex. Mallex ... that doesn't sound sexy."

Tim: "No, it sounds like mollusk."

Tom: "Mollusks aren't sexy."


Tim: "If I see an article and the headline mentions busty broads so I read it but within the first 2 paragraphs, they don't appear? I'm checking out. Sorry, I've got other busty broads articles to read."


Tom: "You can't run a meth lab out of an apartment, you need ventilation."

Tim: "I've been cooking meth here, Tom, and you haven't noticed."


Tim: "You're showing me a photo of a bunch of people giving me the finger."

Tom: "Yeah that was at the meetup cause they like me better."