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  • Please excuse the lateness of this episode. Tim's not so smart when it comes to the internet. Next episode will be up at the regular time. In this very special 2010 Winter Olympic preview episode, Tom tries to keep Tim's Olympic Fever in check while they discuss: * the inspirational book The Secret's effect on [...][1]

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Tim: "All I wanted to hear [from Beyonce] was the 'uh oh uh oh uh oh' song from like, 8 years ago."


Tom: "How do you say it?" Tim: "It's 'Cirque du Soleil'."

Tom: "I always think it's 'Circus Ole'!"

Tim: "That's some Mexican restaurant."


Tim: "I like that Taylor Swift girl. I like her a lot."

Tom: "Do you know how tall she is?"

Tim: "She's a giant, she's a monster."


Tom: "Are you being sponsored by Pepsi?"

Tim: "Nah, I just really like Pepsi Cola, Tom."

Tom: "I don't think they call themselves Pepsi Cola- ...are you being sponsored by 1920s Pepsi?"


Tom: "We almost didn't have prom, because I was in charge ... I don't know how to organise prom!"

Tim: "Tom, you can barely dress yourself."