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Tim comes down with an acute case of Mall Madness. Also we discuss pizzerias, Tom's love of novelty foods, various Nickelodeon game shows, Julia Roberts, the upcoming London meet-up and more![1]

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Tim: "It's like that dream where it's like, 'I didn't know I had a test today, and I'm not wearing any pants!'"

Tom: "That doesn't explain why you're not wearing pants, by the way."

Tim: "I'm just rarely wearing pants, Tom."


Tom: "I've been an advocate of naming your kid 'Doctor' for a long time."

Tim: "Doctor Reynolds?"

Tom: "Doctor Reynolds."


Tom: "Patrons come in and ask if they can have a stuffed crust pizza, and they're like= [Italian accent] 'Mama Mia! Thesa ovens! These are nota made for a stuffeda crusta pizza!'"

Tim: "Tom. Tremendously-offensive what you are doing right now. I have a rich Italian heritage."

Tom: "Were you confused for a minute there?"

Tim: "I thought I was talking to a relative."


Tim: "I was psyching myself up in the mirror earlier. I was saying to myself, 'Mommy's little boy is gonna be fashionable this year'."

[Tom cracks up for a good 30 seconds]

Tim: "Is that weird? cut that part out. I can trust you to cut that out, right?"

Tom: "I kinda wanna end the episode now."


Tim: "I love Europeans, but why are you walking so damn slow, people with an accent?"


Tim: "I bought some nice trousers. I wound up getting them altered and they did it while I waited."

Tom: "How were they altered? Did they let out the crotch?"

Tim: "Yeah I obviously needed a bit more room down there."


Tim: "This whole podcast has really turned into us coping with becoming legitimate adults."


Tim: "So will I or will I not be in London with you?"

Tom: "You will not be there. Tim will not be there."

Tim: "But Tom ... or will I?"