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In this episode we cover the mass transit system. Topics include: * TCGTE on location * Bus smarts * Bus Studies/Bust Studies * Buses driven by children * Throwing up on hambones * Wearing velcro shoes and maternity jeans * TV's Clark Kent invented the Segway * Amateur Rocketeers * Hiding hobo clothes throughout the [...][1]

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Tom: "Imagine if this WAS a family podcast and some family were all, 'Gather around kids, it's time to listen to those 2 shitheads!"


Tim: "You're not cut out for the bus. I'm alright - I'm a little more street-smart."

Tom: "I've heard people refer to you as 'bus folk'."


Tim: "Do people know you're actually my father? Wouldn't that be weird if this was a father-son podcast? thank God you're not my Dad, Tom."


Tim: "I'm sure you get lots of compliments in your velcro shoes and your maternity jeans."


Tom: "It pisses me off that homeless people can pee wherever they want and [we can't have bathrooms at subway stations] 'cause of them."

Tim: "You know where you CAN pee, Tom? In your HOME."


Tom: "So I'm writing in my book - 'How come homeless people can pee wherever they want ...' and I hear this voice behind me - 'Tom?' And there's somebody behind me looking at what I'm writing, and it's one of my girlfriend's friends."

Tim: "And there you are, writing an anti-homeless diatribe on the subway."


Tim: "Your buffoonery knows no bounds, sir."


Tim: "My proud Italian hurritage... hurritage? Wow. I'm going to take a quick nap, you go ahead, Tom."


Tom: "You think I'd date a girl who hate peanuts out of shells? ... it'd be like dating an elephant."