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Tim's Confused Translating Lost to Other Languages The X-Files and Terminators Tim's Too Poor for a DVR Heroes We Speculate the Big Final Reveal Why They Keep Kate Around How We'll Boost the Ratings Stub Seasons Adam Has Dinner with Dr. Jack Shepard A Tease to Tom's Reoccurring Role on "One Tree Hill" Comic Book Conventions [...][1]

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Adam joins Tim and Tom for this episode.

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Tim: "So many times this show has been mind-blowing, it's just a constant fuck to the ears."


Tim: "No one likes the character of Kate. The only reason they're keeping her around is for the big end of season boob reveal."


Tom: "Was [Matthew Fox] eating by himself?"

Adam: "He was with [an unknown] woman."

Tom: "Was she busty?"

Adam: "...yes."

Tom: "Thank you."


Tom: "We're roommates, you know that, right?"

Adam: "I assumed you were lovers."

Tim: "Tom's girlfriend keeps getting in the way."


Tom: "John suggests car maintenance - [he's had] an awful smell in his car, and the source is a mystery. That's not really car maintenance!"

Adam: "Push it off a bridge. That's the easiest way to get rid of it."

Tim: "Check the trunk for hookers!"