Episode blurb

We discuss the harrowing events of The Gathering of the Juggalos 2010, also: Twenty-Somethings are the new Teenagers Tim Goes Back to High School Living in Tree Houses Disney World Perverts Update Friends with Benefits (Pools and Kids) Boatlife Waterbeds and Bed Bugs[1]

Running Gags


Tim: "I'll admit this.. I'm just so jealous, I would love to be a teenager again."

Tom: "Oh my God, the truth is coming out."


Tim: "I'm interested in becoming a Private Eye. I've been watching a lot of Veronica Mars lately."

Tom: "If you shaved off that beard, you could probably sneak back into highschool."

Tim: "Last time I did shave it ... I did look about 11."


Tom: "That's an interesting piece of [Disney] trivia - every costume has a gloryhole."

Tim: "... I don't know what that means."

Tom: "I'll explain it to you later."


Tom: "Banging in a cathedral? Your name will definitely be in the paper if they catch you."


Tom: "What about waterbeds?"

Tim: "Waterbeds are for perverts, right?"

Tom: "That's established."

Tim: "Just making sure."