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We discuss the global phenomenon that is Harry Potter, so naturally the conversation turns to Richie Rich and Archie comics. Also, the debut of a potential new theme song![1]

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Tim: "People are weird, man. Men are scumbags!"

Tom: "That's the crux of this podcast."


[Tim plays Tom 'O Death, Where is Thy Sting']

Tom: "That was the most depressing song I've ever heard."


Tim: "I want a wood-coloured Lamborghini."

Tom: "Wood-coloured?"

Tim: "Yeah, like a fake wood."

Tom: "That's not coloured. It's panelled."

Tim: "Well excuse me, Mr. Wood Expert!"


Tim: "I disagree, but I will fight to the death to defend your opinion, Tom."

Tom: "I don't know what you mean by that, but alright."


Tim: "We're gonna judge you on this show, but we're gonna do it in a positive way."


Tim: "Chris Columbus directed the first [Harry Potter film], right?"

Tom: "Yeah, the man who founded America."


Tim: "[They should have] recast the 8th movie with dogs dressed up as people playing all the parts! ... A movie with dogs wearing jackets and hats? And wizard robes? I'm in! Sold. I'm going 3 times."


Tim: "In the books it should be subtle. They shouldn't say he turned into a dog, just like 'Harry reached for a glass with his paw'."


Tom: "You can come up with no better example of the dumb things white people do, than play Quidditch in the park."


Tom: "Be all like, 'I've got a broomstick you can ride', and then you point like, downstairs."


[Tim plays another ill-fitting gospel tune]

Tom: "Tim, just when I think you couldn't get any stupider.. you go ahead and play me the most perfect song I can think of for this podcast! I feel like a horse's ass."