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This week: Tom is sick and complains about it Neti pots English as a second language Americans using slang from other countries New Year's Eve drum solo TCGTE sitar and didgeridoo episodes Buying pseudoephedrine Time travel art fraud Naked lady art class The "Empty Suitcase" method of ending a relationship A filthy letter from a [...][2]

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Tom: "That's why I live in America, even though most of our listeners live in the UK. There needs to be some distance, and that distance needs to be thousands of miles and an ocean."


Tom: "I guess I'll try the neti pot because this crystal meth hasn't made me feel any better."


Tim: "I say we get really good at painting and we paint busty, attractive ladies in the style of old and try to pass them off. It'd put bums in seats. There'd be a lot of pre-teen boys there. Oh wait, maybe not post-internet. If this was like, 1991 ... if we ever figure out how to travel back in time, this is one of the ways we can make money."

Tom: "Right, not playing the stock market or anything like that. Just selling porn to young teenage boys."

Tim: "It's fine art - what are you not understanding here, Tom?"

Tom: "I think this is poor use of time travel."


Tom: "I've never worn a silk shirt but I have worn cashmere sweaters."

Tim: "... We should do next week's show in cashmere sweaters."


Tim: "I really think I was abducted by aliens last night."

Tom: "What? I don't wanna sleep here."

Tim: "The last thing I remember was eating a slice of pizza. I don't even remember finishing the slice. Next thing, I wake up and it's 4am."

Tom: "Was the pizza gone?"

Tim: "Yeah the pizza was gone."

Tom: "So you think they basically just wanted the pizza ... that just sounds like you fell asleep on the couch, Tim."

Tim: "Usually you remember lying down ... where'd the pizza go, Tom?"

Tom: "You ate the pizza and you fell asleep!"


Tim: "I'll make it in my bedroom so I have several different rooms in my bedroom. I don't fuck around when I make forts, Tom."


Tim: "I really wanted a segment where I make predictions - Timstradamus."