Episode blurb Edit

We answer your burning questions about today's most important issues: peeing and pooping.[2]

Running gags Edit

Tim thinks all beer/coffee/wine/chocolate tastes the same (first mention)

Quotes Edit

Tom: "First things first, don't poop in the urinal. Am I right? Am I right?"


Tom: "I've never stopped a meal to poop."

Tim: "Neither. I have however eaten a sandwich."

Tom: "Really?"

Tim: "No. That's how Elvis died."


Tim: "You know what I have done - vomited, starting drinking again, and then made out with a girl."

Tom: "UGH!"

Tim: "No girl I've ever seen again, mind you."

Tom: "Yeah I wonder why!"


Tim: "Yes! I frequently think when anything good happens to me, I always assume I'm on a hidden camera show... or the cool kids are setting me up to pour pig's blood on me."

Tom: "What a horrible life..."

Tim: "I have low self-esteem."


Tom: "Tim, we really need to get some-"

Tim: "Porn."

Tom: "No, we need to get some-"

Tim: "Girls here. To film some porn."


Tom: "Tim has the downstairs, I have a room upstairs. Tim's area has been nicknamed 'the Fuck Dungeon'-"

Tim: "-for obvious reasons!"