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Meinhardt Schwarzenegger, Last Action Hero, Batman and Robin, Mr. Crisp, Twins, Old Robots, The Most Amazing Movie Ever Made, Aliens vs. Predators, Tom proposes a new electronic device for just watching Arnold movies and Tom reviews Planet Hollywood. The Gauntlet: Comic Book Superheroes, Social Networking, Parties, Annoying Kids, Random People You Meet on Nights Out, [...][2]

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Tim: "Prominent politician on the world stage... and also, a bodybuilder who liked to fuck a lot of chicks and smoke a lot of pot."


Tim: "[Kindergarten Cop] has so many iconic lines - [Arnold voice] 'It's not a tumor!'.. 'Who is your Daddy and what does he do?', 'Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina'.. and 'I'm not a policeman, I'm a princess!'"


Tom: "We'll buy the Arnold DVD boxset, and buy a bunch of DVD players and glue ‘em together and put a picture of Arnold on them."

Tim: "We'll put the disc in and glue the thing shut!"

Tom: "You bring a date home and they see you have one of these- then they know they're in for a night of entertainment!"

Tim: "We should drink more alcohol-"

Tom: "And come up with more business ideas!"


Tom: "We have our highly-paid interns sorting through [the suggestions] separating the wheat from the chafe-"

Tim: "Chaff."

Tom: "Chaff. They separate the wheat from the chaps."


Tim: "I'd have the best ways of firing people if I was a boss. Is it legal to shoot people out of a cannon?"


Tim: "We need interns! Email us."

Tom: "Resumes. Headshots. Body shots."

Tim: "No."

Tom: "Side shots. Candid photos."

Tim: "Family photos."